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TMK-ARTROM SA, located in Slatina, OLT county, Romania, is one of the top manufacturers in the seamless steel pipe and tube industry, delivering high quality products for the automotive sector, hydraulic and construction machinery fields, etc. The combined and interconnected  industrial complex TMK-Artrom/TMK-Resita is well known and appreciated not only in the Romanian market but particularly in the European markets, enjoying a good reputation in North America as well.

Counting over 2000 employees  (aprox. 1300 in Slatina and over 700 in Resita), TMK plants have an annually  turnover of over 350 mil. EU, of which most comes from exports.

TMK-ARTROM SA exports about 85% of its products in UE countries, the USA/Canada and a small amount in the Middle East. About 55% of billets produced at TMK-Resita is destined for TMK-Artroms’ own consumption as raw material, while the rest is exported to other pipe manufacturers.

For more information, please visit us at www.tmk-artrom.eu