aim and scope

Scope of the Conference

The conference primarily focuses on empirical and theoretical work in the fields of economics, business, finance, and management. Given the research diversity of the 12 faculties of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, it encompasses a broad spectrum of topics within these areas, encouraging interdisciplinary research and innovative approaches.

Statement of purpose

Fostering Academic Exchange: ICESS aims to serve as a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas, research findings, and methodologies in economics and social sciences.

Encouraging Innovative Research: By bringing together diverse perspectives, the conference seeks to stimulate innovative research and thought leadership in its core areas.

Building Professional Networks: It provides an invaluable opportunity for participants to network, collaborate, and form partnerships with international peers and experts.

Promoting Academic Growth: Through its publication series, ICESS aims to contribute to the academic growth of participants by offering a prestigious platform for their research to be recognized and cited.