Minitrack on Accounting and Management Information Systems


Exploring Global Perspectives: The Future of Economics and Social Sciences

Mini Track Chairs

  • Nadia Albu, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
  • Camelia Iuliana Lungu, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
  • Guest Speaker – Marta Nowak, Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, Poland

The purpose of this conference track is to initiate and facilitate discussions around the current opportunities and challenges in the field of accounting and management information systems, as well as their global perspectives. Particularly the sustainability related issues and regulations, technological developments, economic and social disruptions, significantly impact the accounting field nowadays, contributing to the necessity of an interdisciplinary research approach. Academics and PhD students are invited to present their work on the likely effects of these changes on financial and non-financial reporting, auditing, managerial accounting, management information systems, financial analysis, and valuation.

The main topics covered by the hereby call for papers are related to:

  • International and local developments in corporate reporting and auditing requirements
  • Professional skills of future accountants
  • The role of the local context (culture, socio-economic environment) in accounting practices
  • Automation of business processes and financial reporting
  • The role of accounting and accounting profession in delivering the SDGs agenda
  • Accounting education

Nadia Albu

is professor of accounting and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems, in charge with research and international relations. Dr. Albu has been a teacher and researcher at ASE since 2000 and had in parallel an extensive international experience, including a master degree obtained in 2001 from Université d’Orléans, France, a Fulbright visiting professor grant obtained in 2014, a Deloitte-IAAER scholar grant between 2013-2016, and a visiting professorship at ESSEC Business School, France, since 2016. Dr. Albu is actively following the changes in the accounting profession globally, being part of teams conducting research for IFAC and Edinburgh Group. Her main research interests focus on the transformations of accounting systems in emerging markets, investigating the change and inertia in the accounting field (corporate reporting, auditing, management accounting etc.), acknowledging the importance of interdisciplinary research for an in-depth understanding of accounting phenomena in their environment.

Camelia Iuliana Lungu

is professor of accounting at the Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems and the Director of Doctoral School of Accounting, Bucharest University of Economic Studies. With an experience of more than 20 years in accounting research topics, Dr. Lungu is scientific reviewer of prestigious academic journals (Accounting in Europe, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews), associate editor of the Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems, member of scientific committees of the 14th IAAER World Congress of Accounting Educators and Researchers and the European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance (ECMLG), and member of EAA 2024 Annual Congress Organizing Committee.

Marta Nowak (Guest Speaker)

is a professor at the Wrocław University of Economics and Business and works in the Department of Costing, Tax Management, and Controlling at the Faculty of Management. Dr Nowak is a co-founder of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Accounting Research ( Her research interests focus on behavioral accounting, human research accounting, and performance management. Her co-authored book on the occupational burnout of auditors received the award of The Scientific Council of the Association of Accountants in Poland. The Association also awarded the doctoral thesis on human resource cost management in European countries under her supervision.