Mini track on Building business in times of crisis through entrepreneurship


Fostering recovery through metaverse business modelling

16-17 June 2022, Bucharest, Romania

Mini Track Chairs

  • Gabriela Tigu, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

  • Grazia Calabrò, University of Messina, Italy

The recent economic and social changes caused by the crisis generated by the new coronavirus demonstrate the adaptability of the business environment to radical and sudden changes. Some companies are able either to adapt themselves harder or leave the market, still, others manage to reinvent themselves quickly, through managerial strategies often adopted along the way. Is this a metaverse business model? Or should such situations be better anticipated and prepared?

While governments and international institutions are looking for solutions to support companies, workers and communities, firms need to identify new business models, reinventing their personnel policy and even repositioning themselves into the new digitized environment. Even business models take on new dimensions.
On the other hand, current global developments have shown, once more, that the business pattern related to technology must remain the key of development and recovery.

Is it a historical moment in the business world and the companies’ behaviour? Does this illustrate a fresh start in tourism?

The main topics covered by the hereby call for papers are related to:

  • Fostering business recovery

  • Metaverse business models

  • The business pattern related to technology

  • The impact of digitalization on business

  • The metaverse concept beyond entertainment

  • Change, globalization and recovery in business

  • Fostering strategies for managing structural changes

  • Business and Education recovery

  • Business recovery systems and methods

  • Developing tourism communities through digitalization

  • Planning recovery within a tourism community context

Gabriela Tigu

Professor Ph.D., is the Dean of Business and Tourism Faculty within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, and a member of Tourism and Geography Department.
With an experience in academia but also in tourism practice for about 30 years, Gabriela Tigu carries out both teaching and research activities in areas of expertise such as: Management of tourism destinations, Sustainable tourism, Management of operations in tourism, Business ethics, Human resource management in tourism. She is an author of 22 published books, more than 150 articles and scientific papers, as well as 33 national and international research contracts; as a visiting professor she was involved into didactic activities and doctoral boards as well within universities from France, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Cyprus and Italy. She is also a scientific Ph.D. supervisor of doctoral thesis in the field of Business Administration. Since 2017, she is the director of the postgraduate program “Strategic Hospitality Management”, organized in partnership by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and École Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland, the best hotel school in the world, according to recent international rankings. Gabriela Tigu is also a tourism journalist and vice-president of the FIJET Romania Tourism Press Club, member of the Advisory Committee of the Romanian Competition Council, member of the board of the Academic Association for Research in Tourism and Services CACTUS, member of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics, within the World Tourism Organization.

Grazia Calabrò

is Full Professor of Commodity Science within the University of Messina (Italy). She took part in a number of different working groups as principal investigator and co-investigator in the field of Commodity Science. Her scientific and research activity mainly encompasses the following areas: Quality Certification; Environmental Management and Certification; Green public Procurement; Tourism and Environment; Waste Management; Food Quality and Safety; Counterfeiting. She is Coordinator of the Master Degree in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Tourism- Department of Economic, University of Messina. She is member of AISME (Italian Academy of Commodity Science) and Basiq (Association for Innovation and Quality on Sustainable Business). She belongs to scientific and directive boards of international journal and she is an external reviewer.

She is author of more than 110 scientific publications and has held several national and international conferences.