Mini track on Business and Tourism


Exploring Global Perspectives: The Future of Economics and Social Sciences

13-14 June 2024, Bucharest, Romania

Mini Track Chairs

  • Olimpia State, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

  • Mariarosaria Lombardi, University of Foggia, Italy

Recent economic and social changes show how adaptable the business environment is to radical and sudden changes. Some companies are able to either adapt harder or leave the market, while others manage to reinvent themselves quickly, using management strategies that are often adopted along the way. While governments and international institutions are looking for solutions to support businesses, workers and communities, companies are having to develop new business models, reinvent their HR policies and even reposition themselves to meet market demands. Even business models are taking on new dimensions. On the other hand, current global developments have once again shown that the technology-based but sustainable business model must remain the key to development and recovery. The main topics covered by the hereby call for papers are related to:

  • Systems and methods for revitalizing business and education
  • Development of tourism communities through digitalization
  • Redevelopment planning in the context of a tourism community
  • Assessment of socio-economic and environmental sustainability
  • Systems in relation to climate change
  • Innovation as an alternative approach to improve sustainability
  • The promotion of economic recovery
  • The business model in the context of technology
  • The impact of digitalization on the economy
  • The metaverse concept beyond entertainment
  • Change, globalization, and economic recovery
  • Strategies for managing structural change

Olimpia State

Olimpia STATE is a professor at the Department of Tourism and Geography, Faculty of Business and Tourism at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, specialized in Human Resources Management in Tourism, involved into national and international projects, member of international and national research teams. She graduated from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. The same university awarded her a Ph.D. in business administration in 2001. She has 30 years of expertise in university teaching and research, and she frequently gives lectures as a specialist in human resources management, operational tourism techniques and organizational culture. She has become member of the Faculty Council since 2008; as a former Canceler within the Faculty of Commerce in 2008-2012 and also a Vice-Dean in charge with researching activity and international relationship of The Faculty of Commerce (The Faculty of Business and Tourism at present) since 2012 until today.

Mariarosaria Lombardi

Mariarosaria LOMBARDI is an Associate Professor Ph.D. in Commodity Sciences at the Department of Economics, Universityof Foggia (Italy). She has been a Rector’s delegate for Coordination of Planning and Accreditation Activities since May 2023 and a departmental delegate fort heThird Mission (relationship with the territorial stakeholders) since June 2017. She deals with the innovations and socio-economic and environmental sustainability assessment of supply chains, using mainly Carbon Footprint and Material Flow Analysis methodology, focusing mostly on agro-energy and agro-food systems in relation to climate change. Particular attention is also paid to social innovation as a nalternativea pproach to improving the sustainability of the agro-food sector.