Mini Track on Finance and Banking


Exploring Global Perspectives: The Future of Economics and Social Sciences

Mini Track Chairs

  • Mihaela Iacob, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania

  • Guest Speaker – Bettina BÖKEMEIER, Department of Business Administration and Economics, Bielefeld
    University, Germany

Overcoming economic, security and climate challenges, uncertainties, and risks, urge rethinking society requirements for current and future generation and rekindle cooperation and partnerships for a green growth in a new era. The driving force for finance and banking is to assess countries’ progress moving to innovative, inclusive, sustainable and resilient growth. Therefore, past policies, data, and scientific research results can boost the world today through the eyes of the future. Worldwide actions ‘are not good today, if yesterday did not think of tomorrow.’ In this context, research could provide scientific support to tackle society challenges mainly in the area of finance and banking.

The main topics covered by the call for papers are focused on finance and banking with connection in the following areas:

  • Risks and financial services
  • Banking
  • Capital markets
  • Asset management
  • Insurance
  • Corporate finance
  • Sustainable well-being
  • Fiscal sustainability
  • Public policies
  • Trust, transparency, accountability in finance and banking
  • finance and banking for green growth

Mihaela Iacob

is Associate Professor, Ph.D., and Vice-Dean for Scientific Research and Internationalization at the Faculty of Finance and Banking, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. With a portfolio of disciplines featuring Public Finance, Prices and Competition, Budget and Public Treasury, and Public Financial Policies, she authored more than 50 scientific works, presented or published (inter)nationally. As well, she acquired extensive editorial experience, being coordinator of the OEconomica journal, while she also serves as expert at the Romanian Fiscal Council.

Bettina Bökemeier (Guest Speaker)

Bettina Bökemeier (Birth name: Fincke) studied Economics at Bielefeld University, where she graduated in 2007 and received her doctoral degree in 2013. She works as an assistant professor at Bielefeld University. Public finance, especially public debt, fiscal policy, economic growth and environmental economics are her research interests. She regularly presents at international conferences and has published books and several articles in scholarly journals