Mini Track on Business Law and Sustainable Development


Resilience and economic intelligence through digitalization and big data analytics

10-11 June 2021, Bucharest, Romania

Mini Track Chairs

  • Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest

  • Roberto Panetta, Bocconi University, Milan

Sustainable development becomes an imperative of contemporary society, illustrating major societal challenge of utter importance for all actors enroll in public sector, industry and civil society. Therefore, urgency to take action combined with the large scale societal changes call for new approaches in drafting a more suitable legal framework.
The evolution of global sustainable development strategies is driving a need for a new vision of legal studies that combine business concepts with environmental and social considerations and coordinate Business Law and Sustainability Policy for a more sustainable future. Moreover, the appraisal of the relationship between sustainability and businesses has been revived according with the Sustainable Development Goals which represent a global movement towards sustainability.
The goal of this track is to debate principles, key concepts, methods and harmonization of legal aspects of Sustainability with economic imperatives. The participants will identify opportunities of legal aspects in a sustainable development in various thematic and strategic subjects, thereby contributing to the improvement of these domains scientifically and practically. The topic related to all three dimensions of sustainable development (economic, environmental, and social) are highly welcome.

Ovidiu Ioan Dumitru

is Lecturer PhD. of Business law European Law and Contract Law in the Law Departament of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. He is a member of the Board of the Departament and has been teaching law in English for the last 15 years. He is the General Secretary of the Romanian Society of Business Law and the President of European Society of Construction Law. He has been a member of the Education Commission of the Romanian Parliament for 4 years. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Romanian Construction Law Review and is a member of the organising teams of different international conferences. Ovidiu holds a Phd in Law, a PhD in Mine, Oil&Gas and a MBA from WU Executive Academy. He is author and co-author of more articles and books in the field of Business Law and European Law.

Roberto Panetta

is Attorney at Law in Italy and Professor of Private Law at Bocconi University of Milan. He is specialized in Contract Law, Construction Law and Dispute Board. He is active in advising on contractual issues, Dispute Board implementation and in representing companies in civil proceedings and arbitration. He has authored one book on Construction Law, several articles, commentaries on Contract Law, Arbitration and Dispute Board. Roberto Panetta is, among others, Secretary General of the Italian Society of Construction Law affiliated with the European Society of Construction Law.